Lego Victorian Dream Home Proposed

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This Lego model of a Victorian dream home is seeking votes to become a real set.

Michael Comeau

Many of us wish we could afford to own a Victorian house, but real estate prices make that pretty difficult.

Thanks to Lego fan Michael Comeau, who goes by screen name Buggyirk, a two-story Queen Anne-style Victorian home could be yours if his Lego Ideas project is approved.

"It is a dream of mine to own a Victorian house one day," Comeau said. "But due to financial reasons, I am unable to. I figured there were other people out there in the same situation."

Three months of work went into the proposed Lego set, which is made of almost 3,000 pieces and includes a wrap-around porch, ornate details, a turret, beautiful gables and more. Inside, the Lego house has a spiral staircase, two fireplaces, chandeliers, shelving and a grandfather clock. The set is 10.5 inches high, 9 inches deep and 14 inches wide.

More images of the proposed Victorian Home Lego are available on Comeau's Buggyirk Flickr page.

His project first appeared on the Lego site in mid-December. Because it reached 1,000 votes last week, Lego extended the voting deadline. Fans can vote here. If the project snags 10,000 votes in the next 565 days, Lego will consider it for a real set.

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